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Kahin@gency is an artistic and administrative agency based in Paris.
We offer our services to artists and creative industries, from the back office to the management of your career.

With more than fifteen years of experience in the music industry, our discretion and our drive are at the heart of our work, providing our clients with real expertise as well as the rigorous and dedicated support necessary to solve any issues that may arise in a changing landscape.


Kahin@gency guarantees :


Attentive, available and able to adapt to any given situation

Pragmatic solutions tailored to your own personal needs


Absolute confidentiality and total transparency


Diversity of expertise and experience allowing for flexibility at every stage

About Kahina

Born into a family of artists, Kahina was immersed in this unique environment from a very young age. At the age of 8, she started playing the piano at her city's National Regional Conservatory and integrated an educational system tailored for artistic pursuits with adapted classes and schedules. With a General Literary Baccalaureate in her pocket, she quickly realized that she felt more comfortable and, above all, more useful backstage than at the front of the stage.


Already perceiving within her family the problems that artists face, such as the challenges of administrative management and the difficulties that can slow an artist down in the accomplishment of their creative work, the idea of offering services that would ease this burden was starting to make its way through Kahina's mind.


She then enrolled in a school for communications and press relations in Paris, after which she worked for 5 years at FG Radio as an Artist Relations Manager.


After a two-year stay in London, she joined David Guetta's team, where, since 2009, she has acquired expertise in the management of production and publishing companies specialized in music.



Aware that digital technology has considerably transformed culture and especially music with streaming, and fully determined to help artists find their way in the jungle of these new codes, whether administrative, digital, legal or economic, in 2021, she decided to create Kahin@gency, a structure in harmony with an evolving and ambitious context that matches her convictions.

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