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"The back office is like the brain of a company. It is often overlooked but essential to the proper functioning of the whole."

For many artists and songwriters, the management of administrative elements and accounting can often interfere with their artistic work.. This is why Kahin@gency offers a range of services, allowing them to free themselves from all the administrative, legal and economic constraints, a real obstacle in their creative process.


The Agency offers its clients an optimized management of part or all of their income, while guaranteeing full ownership of their rights, as well as assistance in the management and orientation of their activities.


Facilitating the daily tasks of the artist, protecting their interests, finding the right partners and new sources of financing: these are some of the Agency's missions.


Setting up and creating a company Modifications of legal form Contact with privileged partners (banks, accountants, tax lawyers, graphic designers...) Registration, declaration and procedures with tax and social organizations and other administrations Registration in the music offices

Follow-up of current accounting, cash flow, bank reconciliation Processing of expense reports Relationships and payments with organizations Monthly preparation and link with the expert Analysis, follow-up of invoices and payments, search for service providers and negotiation of rates Bank and insurance relations (delegation and representation) Filing of documents Optimization of income sources and intermittent rights Follow-up of payments, fees, performances and rights Tax forms / deductions at source, tax exemption Tax credit Translated with (free version)


Catalog structuring Royalty management Copyright and editorial management (collection / verification / control of royalties) Management of artists' and producers' neighbouring rights in France and abroad

Global management of project production Budget management Drafting of the corresponding contracts Implementation of payroll and social declarations Management of fees and pay slips + URSSAF and Audiens Registration of directories with civil companies Creation/management of ISRC code files Drafting presentation of the project Biography and press kit Merchandise production


Search for grants Constitution of the files of deposit and follow-up with the organizations

Correspondence management: emails, letters, appointment scheduling, filing and archiving Third party relations and administrative procedures: mutual insurance, insurance, lawyer, bank... Daily logistic organization Reservations for professional and personal travel Organization of seminars / Writing Camp Renewal of civil status : passport ... Visa applications Annual income tax return

If you wish to receive a quote or additional information, do not hesitate to contact us.
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